Noor Al-Huda Sameer kasim, Wefaqq Mahdi Hadi


Background: Wound dressing is one of the major nursing responsibilities. Aseptic technique is mandatory to minimize complications. Effective wound dressing promotes wound healing and leads to early discharge and saving costs.

Methods: Quantitativ study decriptive-cross sectional design selected obtaineed proper answers for the study questions related to wound care parctices potential problem in specific health setting from the period between (5. Jan to 30. May. 2021).

Results: higher percentage 12(40%) of the participants were (26-30) years old. The higher percentage 19(63.33%) of the patient were male. The higher percentage 13 (43.33%) of the participant were diploma.

Conclusions: Responses of the participants were (good) related to overall domains of the practices toward wound car except the participants were (fair) related to surgical wound cleaning

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Determination, nurses, practices, wound care

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