Walaa F Obead Ghassan A Dawood Hussein Bashar Mahmood


Objectives: The purpose of this research was to identify the normal histological features of the soft palate in guinea pigs and rabbits. Also, make information available for surgical procedures as well as pathological conditions. Method/: Eight healthy rabbits and guinea pigs were bring from Iraq animal’s house market. From the animal house market, eight healthy rabbits and Guiana pigs were brought. Both experimental species were killed with xylazine [0.5 cc] and ketamine [0.5 cc] intramuscular injections, and tissues were identified with H&E. Results: The soft palate had two surface; oropharyngeal surface was coated by stratified squamous keratinized epithelia and nasopharyngeal surface was bordered by psuedostratified columnar epithelial ciliated. The palatine glands variety in distributed in soft palate, in rabbit’s located closing to oropharyngeal surface while in guinea pigs were closing to nasopharyngeal surface.

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