Issue 18.1

HIV care: learning from the past, and the right to health

Welcome to the 2018 spring issue of HIV Nursing, in its exciting new format! Since the last edition of HIV Nursing we’ve seen World AIDS Day come and go. It’s surprising to think that 2017 was the 29th World AIDS Day, and reminds us that the HIV sector has a strong and rich legacy; there is still much to learn, but it’s important not to forget the past.

Ian Hodgson
Independent Consultant

NHIVNA Academy

The National HIV Nurses Association (NHIVNA) launched the NHIVNA Academy at the 2016 Annual NHIVNA conference in Manchester. This article provides a first hand review of Module 1: Making it happen, held over two days in January 2017.

Kirstie Weeks
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Nursing women living with HIV in Europe

Back in September 2013, I attended my first European AIDS Clinical Society conference. One of the presentations that I found troubling was Stigma and Discrimination in Health Care Sector in Belarus. The presentation included grave results from the Belarus stigma index. It also included results from further studies and training for healthcare workers that the researchers had organised and carried out the previous year.

Christina Antoniadi
Registered Nurse

HIV and diabetes

Diabetes in the general population is increasing in the developed world. Likewise, the numbers of PLWH who are diagnosed with the condition is escalating. This article provides an overview of the types of diabetes, outlines the various risk factors, describes screening measures and discusses the clinical management of this condition, with a focus on type 2 diabetes. The nurse’s role in diabetes prevention and care will be discussed, with specific reference to meeting the needs of PLWH.

Juliet Bennett
Independent Nurse advisor

Resilience of people living with HIV-AIDS in Indonesia: a phenomenological study

People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) fall into a state of crisis, which signifies the difficulties of living with chronic pathological conditions. Resilience is one unique phenomenon observed among PLWHA in Indonesia.

Kumboyono Kumboyono, Cathrine T Sukotjo, Yulia C Lestari, Dini P Wijayanti
Brawijaya University, Indonesia,Brawijaya University, Indonesia,Brawijaya University, Indonesia,Brawijaya University, Indonesia

HIV Nursing

Sharing best practice in HIV care

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