Drugs, alcohol and HIV: It’s all about extremes

Themes, themes, themes. Deciding the themes we select for HIV Nursing can be an arduous task. Over the past 11 years we have exhausted many avenues, but surprisingly we’ve never really hit upon drugs and alcohol.

Shaun Watson
Clinical Nurse Specialist


Welcome to the autumn issue of HIV Nursing. As I write this editorial, the NHIVNA annual conference seems a distant memory. It is always inspirational to come across like-minded nurses in the same field sharing their expertise and knowledge, and innovative ideas.

Linda Panton
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

HIV and homelessness in central London: Reflections from a specialist homeless general practice

The term ‘homelessness’ is interpreted in a variety of ways, depending on perspective and context. The definition which is generally accepted within healthcare settings includes rough sleepers and those in temporary accommodation such as hostel dwellers, couch surfers and squatters.

Maxine Radcliffe
London Network of Nurses and Midwives Homelessness Group

HIV care: learning from the past, and the right to health

Welcome to the 2018 spring issue of HIV Nursing, in its exciting new format! Since the last edition of HIV Nursing we’ve seen World AIDS Day come and go. It’s surprising to think that 2017 was the 29th World AIDS Day, and reminds us that the HIV sector has a strong and rich legacy; there is still much to learn, but it’s important not to forget the past.

Ian Hodgson
Independent Consultant

Holistic HIV care: bridging the gap between primary and secondary care

People with HIV (PWH) are living longer and, therefore, long-term conditions and comorbidities are on the increase, as well as among the general population. The ageing demographic in the UK is placing demands on service provision, hence, the need for innovative, cost-effective and high-quality services is crucial.

Elizabeth Foote
Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospital Trust

HIV and bone health

Despite advances in HIV medicine people living with HIV (PLWH) continue to face many physical challenges. As the natural history of HIV infection evolves and with an ageing cohort, bone health and disease should be an important consideration for healthcare professionals working in this field.

Juliet Bennett
Independent Nurse Advisor

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