Innovative nursing practices

Hello and welcome to the first issue of 2017. I am really excited about this issue, which is full of, what we hope are, interesting and challenging articles.

Elizabeth Foote
HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist

HIV across the lifespan

I am pleased to be presenting this issue to you as we offer a range of articles that represent people at different points of their lifespan and their experiences of living with HIV or caring for people with HIV.

John McLuskey
Associate Professor, University of Nottingham

HIV 2018: the complex picture

Welcome to the Summer issue of HIV Nursing. I always consider this as the conference issue, it’s a good selling point when I ask people to write for it and as it’s our 20th Annual NHIVNA conference we have a bumper one for you.

HIV Nursing 2018: 18(2); 23.

Shaun Watson
Clinical Nurse Specialist (HIV Community)

HIV nursing and research

Hello and welcome to the final issue of HIV Nursing for 2018. I am always really excited about this issue, which has a focus on research in HIV care, something that I am very passionate about.

HIV Nursing 2018: 4; 81.

James Meek
Senior Lecturer. University of Central Lancashire

Is Wikipedia suitable as a learning resource for nursing and healthcare students?

The way in which students learn has changed considerably, with them accessing electronic resources in a variety of ways. Students do not just read textbooks and journals; instead they use the World Wide Web to access information. So what are they accessing and how reliable is it? Should we allow nursing and healthcare students to use Wikipedia as a resource in their academic work?

James Meek
Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire

HIV Nursing

Sharing best practice in HIV care

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