Abstracts for the 18th NHIVNA Annual Conference

Abstracts for 18th NHIVNA conference held at Manchester Conference Centre 29 June–1st July

Continuing Professional Developement: HIV and mental health

Despite advances in HIV medicine people living with HIV (PLWH) continue to face many challenges. These include successfully adhering to treatment recommendations to maintain optimal health, negotiating disclosure of HIV status and coping with living with a stigmatised condition, all of which can impact on mental health and wellbeing. Pre-existing mental health difficulties can amplify these challenges. The co-occurrence of HIV and mental illness poses a significant public health problem and represents a challenge for healthcare professionals (HCPs) working in this field. In order to effectively identify and meet the mental health needs for PLWH vigilance, knowledge and enhanced communication skills from nurses are required.

HIV Nursing 2017: 17(2); 37–47

Juliet Bennett
Independent Nurse Advisor

HIV nursing and research

Hello and welcome to this issue of HIV Nursing. I am really excited about this edition, which has a focus on research in HIV care.

HIV Nursing 2017; 17: 75–76

James Meek
Senior Lecturer. University of Central Lancashire

Continuing professional development: HIV and renal disorders

Despite advances in HIV medicine it is widely acknowledged that people living with HIV are at particular risk of renal problems although the pattern of disease has changed significantly over time renal disease, also known as kidney disease or nephropathy, is currently one of the most common non-infectious comorbidities seen among PLWH.

HIV Nursing 2017; 17: 77–87

Juliet Bennett
Independent Nurse Advisor

Barriers preventing early testing and diagnosis of HIV: results of a five-year retrospective review of clinical data for those diagnosed HIV positive in two European regions

This article provides an overview of the aims, conduct, and findings of a five-year retrospective review of patient records to identify and compare clinical and demographic data on every patient diagnosed with HIV in Kent and Medway in the UK, and Amiens and Creil in France.

HIV Nursing 2017; 17: 75–76

Stephen O'Connor, Sharon Manship, Momar Diouf, Jean-Luc Schmit, Stephen Clift
Reader, Canterbury Christ church University,Research Assistant,Researcher, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d'Amiens,Professor,Professor

How could a smartphone app improve health outcomes for HIV-positive MSM?

This article discusses the development and thinking behind a smartphone application, called Positive Thinking that aims to promote improved health outcomes, such as medication adherence, through the use of technology-based education and to support newly diagnosed men who have sex with men.

HIV Nursing 2017; 17(2): 54–56

Jaz Hudson & Michelle Croston
Student Nurse & Senior Lecturer, Advance Nurse Practitioner

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