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Issue 19.3

Tailoring nursing care for diverse patients and individual needs

The wider HIV specialist team here in Liverpool has recently looked at numbers of those that have disengaged from care. Patients were followed up and contact was made with as many as possible. When asked why they had not attended clinic for a while, a number of patients responded by saying that their CD4 counts were healthy so they didn’t think they needed to be on antiretroviral treatment

Elizabeth Foote
Clinical Nurse Specialist Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen NHS Trust

Sex, drugs and … nutrition?

Recreational drug use in a sexual setting, referred to as chemsex, is an emerging area of research and HIV clinicians often have patients who use these drugs. Patients report how the drugs have the potential to affect their nutritional status. A scoping review based on an acknowledged framework was conducted to collate the available evidence.

Jason Simpson-Theobald
HIV Specialist Dietician, Nottingham University Hospitals Trust

NHIVNA Best Practice.Barriers to adherence and intentional non-adherence: a guide for nurses

Non-adherence to medication means either not taking the prescribed treatment or taking it incorrectly. Patients with complex care needs often suffer from combinations of multiple chronic conditions, mental health problems, drug interactions and social vulnerability, which can lead to healthcare service overuse, underuse or misuse.

Robert Downes & Elizabeth Foote
Clinical Nurse Specialist (HIV Community) & Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals Trust

CPD. HIV and recreational drug use: what nurses need to know

Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic the role, effect and influence of recreational psychoactive drug use is undeniable. It has played a factor in HIV transmission and has had an effect upon adherence and interactions with antiretroviral therapy.

Shaun Watson
Clinical Nurse Specialist (HIV Community), Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust

Report from the 10th International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Science 21–24 July 2019 Mexico City, Mexico

This year’s International AIDS Society (IAS) conference ‘IAS19’ was held in Mexico City, a place that despite the danger warnings, was colourful, vibrant, friendly and culturally fascinating.

Shaun Watson
Clinical Nurse Specialist (HIV Community), Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust